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Grahame started raving & clubbing in 1996 and went to Ibiza for the first time in 1997 from there, he worked on the early version of what is now iHouseU online called UK Clubbing.


After leaving the online site he then worked at Turnmills nightclub for 5 years up until the close of the club. He ran all the online activity for the club for the last 5 years and also ran the online for Get Loaded in the Park which is now the South West Four weekender – that first festival was put on in 8 weeks. When Turnmills closed Danny Newman, who owned the club asked what he was going to do next and helped him set up Data Transmission.


In 2008, Data Transmission was set-up and Grahame became an Entrepreneur. Today, the website celebrates its 10th birthday! The company has expanded over the years and shrunk again and now encompasses a Radio Station, a record label called Shanghaied – which celebrated its 1st Birthday in January 2018 – including in its first year a Number 1 compilation. As a website, Data Transmission look to highlight new music across all our channels, they have a mix series for small artists to give them a platform to shine. They are also helping to fight gender inequality in dance music and for Grahame, as the father of a daughter, this is a major concern for him.


In 2017, Grahame also setup a brand networking company with Alex Jukes from Jukebox Pr called The Tribes. The company aims to connect brands to a giant network of Dance Music websites and Lifestyle brands to enable brands to talk to a wide dance music network.


Also in January 2018, Grahame launched his own personal brand via his instagram & facebook, which aims to create content to help up and coming DJs, labels and anyone that wants to work in the music industry, pulling from his 15 years experience in dance music.






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