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JACQ’s love affair with house music is a longstanding one, spanning several decades and withstanding the test that comes with the twists and turns in the road of musical evolution. The Liverpool-born DJ/Producer has known from a young age that the music was destined to play a major role in his life. He grew up during a time where mixing records was still a dark art, and masters of the craft were reluctant to shed even the slightest bit of knowledge. In a way, that mentality helped to separate the cream from the crop. Those that invested their time and passion eventually honed an impressive level of skill and JACQ was one of the lucky few in that sense.


Very much the envy of his peers during his teenage years, JACQ soon advanced from creating mixtapes for his friends to warming into the club scene. Initially starting at venues like Liverpool’s Society, Garlands, G Bar and the Arts Club, and supporting artists such as Dave Whelan, Mike DiScala (now known as Camelphat) Dave Graham and many of the other greats of that era. More recently, JACQ has seen a surge in his presence within the UK scene; bookings up and down the country have seen him play alongside the likes of Tube & Berger, Steve Lawler, Darius Syrossian, Sidney Charles, East End Dubs, Amine Edge & DANCE, tINI, Hector Couto and many more. He has also ventured into a new DJ residency, in the form of his own ‘In The Box’ club promotion which serves as a platform to push himself and showcase other emerging talent.


Taking to the confines of studio space with artists like Rudosa, Dave Parkinson and Tuff London, JACQ has honed his craft and gained support from the internationally revered Toolroom Academy as a result. His aggressive tuition efforts - supported heavily by the knowledge of D. Ramirez and Pete Griffiths - have led to his recent work being supported by artists at the level of Harry Romero, amongst others. JACQ, as a result of his tireless efforts, has already signed music with Shanghaied, Toolroom Trax and has also featured on Grahame Farmer’s BOOST series with a free download. He now has his foot firmly on the gas in terms of scaling the industry’s biggest labels with his creative output.


Already garnering the attention of some of house music’s biggest artists and labels, JACQ is making all the right movements to solidify himself within the UK scene as a reputable artist with an ever-growing fanbase.






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